Hướng dẫn sử dụng bồn rửa mắt khẩn cấp EW402

Hướng dẫn sử dụng bồn rửa mắt EW402

Emergency Eye Wash

(Instruction Book)

Model: EW402

Wall Mounted Eye Wash (EW402)


Packing list


Please check the quantity of the fittings according to the following lists after unpacking, check whether there is damage transport, if there is any question or qualitative deficiencies, please get in touch with the local franchiser of our company or our company immediately, elana champion of lust you will receive the satisfactory reply.


NO. Name Quantity
1 Eyewash Sprayer head 1set
2 Eyewash Bowl 1set
3 Main body 1set
4 Wall Mounted Bracket 1set
5 Switch Push Board 1set



Operation instruction of the Wall Mounted Eye Wash (EW402)


Welcome to use the product, in order to make you get better security protection. Please reading this product manual carefully before use this product.




The emergency eye washer have already been adopted extensively. In the most factories and the laboratories of the developed industrial countries of foreign countries, it is the indispensable apparatus of the security and the labors protection. It can make use of reducing the injury of acid, alkali, organic matter and other poisonous corrosive material. It can be extensively apply to petrochemical industry chemical industry, semiconductor industry, medical manufacturing industry, etc.



*Defining for eye wash


As the splash of chemical liquid taking place to staff member’s body, face, eyes or the staff members’ clothes cause the fire, it is the effective safe protection articles to minimize the dangerous.


*Main performance parameter


Pressure (MPa) Flux (L/Min) Temperature






Working pressure  

Eye wash



Tepid water

0.4 0.45 0.20-0.40 ≥11.4



The choice of the main performance parameter according to USA ANSI Z358.I-2004. In order to lighten harmful substance to human skin, eyes injury of top layer and simulate when accidents make happened.

*Structure characteristic

– Making use of the ball valve to control the eye wash. Easy to operate open and close it fast. It is reliable to close.


– The flux regulation and control valve can regulate by oneself (Regulation method can refer to installing and debugging).


*Main material:


– The material of main body is 304 SUS stainless steel, with gloss epoxy powder surface.


– Eye wash bowl: 304 SUS stainless steel.


*Installing and debugging:


– Must re-inspect the type of the products, certificate of quality, operation instructions, case the list before installation.

– The installation site should from within the accident lively to suffer from 15 meter, in order to run 10 second within the place can reach.

– Recommendations for installation eye wash sprayer head from the ground 838mm-1140mm. the right height for eye wash.

– Connect the main body and basic bracket, enwind the basin screw witch fresh plastic band to connect with water outlet DN and screw well.

Installation basic bracket: let the water outlets downwards, adjust- the position of the T-piece and installed it by M10 screw.

– Connect the water inlet pipeline and water outlet pipeline. Check the switch bull whether is flexible and whether has the block.


*Operation method

Please push the board clockwise, when you need eye washing, and the eye wash sprayer will

work; when pullback the board wider shins, the eye wash sprayer will be shut-off.



This facility is just used for emergency washing, do not use for shower. 1‘lcasc check the facility according to the rules and regulars. Make sure the facility will work well when there are accidences.


– Activate shower at least weekly, to ensure the equipment dependability and validity. This equipment cannot provide medical treatment; it can just reduce the hurt to the minimum degree by washing.


– When an accident happens, please decide the showering time according to the hurt and prepare the medical treatment.


Tải hướng dẫn sử dụng tại đây:  Instruction Book EW402 . Liên Hệ Hotline: 0987283628 hoặc 0909870528

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